Many Curtain Walling Systems are susceptible to a range of issues that render them in need of remedial repairs as they age and are exposed to the elements. These issues include, but are not limited to, water ingress, cracked windows, blown units, damaged fixings and poorly performing spandrel panels, as well as being in need of a thorough clean.

These issues not only impact the external aesthetics of the building, but also lead to poor heat efficiency as well as posing a danger to both employees and members of the public as the glazing system dilapidates to the point where debris can begin to fall off. Fortunately however the various metal, rubber, glass and metal finish components have different service lives and can be replaced either in isolation or as part of a whole façade refurbishment. The remaining useful service life of a cladding system may then be extended often by up to 20 years or more. Similarly, we are able to inspect and report on the entirety of the curtain walling system to include recommended remedial repairs going forward.

There’s a variety of problems that we are able to identify and solve in relation to Commercial Curtain Walling including;

  • Leaks in the Curtain Walling
  • Defective Frames
  • Dislodged gaskets, rubber seals and external aluminium facia caps
  • Curtain Walling Refurbishment
  • Loose or Missing Capping
  • Defective of Damaged Glass Panels and Units
  • Glass Curtain Wall Repairs
  • Curtain Wall Glass
  • Curtain Wall Cladding
  • Curtain Walling Inspections

Difficult and high-level curtain walling works are our speciality, using a combination of cradles, mechanical access, ropes and harnesses or temporary / fixed scaffolding we can access any areas of defective curtain walling and conduct effective glazing reports. All high level glazing remedial works and repairs are supported by long term insurance backed guarantees.


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