Glazing Refurbishment are able to provide the service of controlled glazing removal and glazing demolition to commercial buildings and structures. Whether the glass and glazing in question is at height, in a difficult to access location or in a high footfall area, Glazing Refurbishment have the expertise and more importantly the experience to complete any glass removal and glazing demolition works.

Exploiting our range of specialist access methods from cranes to IRATA trained abseil technicians and equipment, we will work with the client to provide commercial glazing removal and demolition service.

Our deglazing methods are tried and tested over the years at a variety of locations across the United Kingdom. Like all our other glazing services, we’ll ensure site specific RAMS are produced prior to site mobilisation commences and our client fully understands our method of working.

Glazing Refurbishment have over the years became one of the UK’s specialists in the controlled removal and disposal of high level glazing, framework and secondary steelwork structures, as a result we’ve partnered with some of the country’s largest demolition companies. Most recently conducting numerous glass removals to one of London’s busiest railway stations.


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