Many aluminium and steel commercial windows although now dated are often manufactured and installed to a very high standard and stand the test of time compared to their modern alternatives. Our industry experience shows that these windows are often replaced at a very high cost due to a number of factors; water ingress, defective weather / gasket seals or failure of the opening mechanisms, locks, hinges, restrictor stays, H&S requirements or because of defective single or double glazed units.

Our site glazing teams are able to refurbish windows that refuse to open or close properly by removing and straightening twisted and poorly fitting frames, returning them to a fully operational window. Our window refurbishment works can be conducted out of normal working hours to avoid disruption to building occupants. Our site teams are trained in a variety of access techniques, including IRATA abseil, to be able to safely conduct the window refurbishment works and works are supported by insurance backed guarantees.

As a commercial glazing company, Glazing Refurbishment offer a complete window restoration package as one of our key glazing services. Our window refurbishment / restoration package includes but is not limited to;

  • Removal and replacement of defective handles
  • Removal and replacement of defective hinges, locks and restricting stays
  • Installation of new rubber gasket weather seals
  • Repointing of internal and/or external silicone perimeter seals to prevent water ingress
  • Upgrading of glass units and panels to meet the latest health and safety regulations / legislation
  • Application of safety, privacy or bomb blast film
  • In depth cleaning and surface restoration works to glazing and associated frame-work


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